Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Apocalypse Prologue
Well, having found the video I posted earlier today (see below) I made a little search on Youtube for more posts on the topics. And see what I found.
This is an intro to a - probably Chinese - videogame on the Apocalypse to be brought on us be the Avian Flu.
Not too many have downloaded it up to now, and there was only one comment: "love the idea ... nice music too."

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Blogger nico said...

Hi I'm the designer of this game, I'm part of the Warwick Video Game Design Society. It is an ongoing 2 year project made by amateur volunteers.
I'm afraid that the game has nothing to do with avian flu, I just wanted an alliterative game title, and couldnt think of anything to rhyme with magpie. the complete version of the game will be released later in the year.
I'm surprised you though the game was chinese (did you google it?),there is one chinese symbol on the "green mantis" character that says "karate" but the rest of the game is in English.
I also think that the music is awesome, but you are entitled to your "informed" opinion.

10:35 AM  

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